November News

Alt.: fractures in Zechstein core

This month we’re busy presenting a diverse sample of our work in fracture network characterisation and unconventionals at PETEX (UK’s largest subsurface-focussed E&P conference and exhibition). This includes some key results from our large multi-disciplinary analysis of Zechstein reservoir properties, based on outcrop, core and production data.

Main image (above): Fantastic fractures, vugs and stylolites in Zechstein carbonates seen in core.

fractures in Zechstein ouctrop

Acquiring detailed fracture data from outcrops of Zechstein carbonates.


We’re also involved in a series of presentations that focus on various structural aspects of the huge Clair Field situated to the west of Shetland, in which fractured crystalline basement plays a major role in terms of hydrocarbon storage and delivery. Equally important is to understand structural aspects of the Palaeozoic cover sequence, including natural fracture systems seen in onshore analogues.