Working with you

With a collective experience of thousands of days of fieldwork, and successful projects in most of the world’s hydrocarbon provinces, we have proven capability to help you meet the challenges of exploration and production in frontier areas and structurally complex regions.


We work from sub-outcrop to global scales to help our clients to drive exploration, incorporating detailed characterisation of outcrop analogues, integration of field-mapping and satellite analysis to understand complex structural traps, multidisciplinary regional appraisals, and market-leading global plate reconstructions.


Our detailed work using modern geospatial technologies provides our clients with comprehensive, quantitative inputs for improved reservoir models, supporting the transition from exploration to production, and helping to enhance existing production rates and to extend the viability of depleted assets.


Our extensive experience in quantifying fracture systems in unconventional reservoirs is helping our clients in N. America, UK, and the Middle East who work with fractured shales, fractured basement plays, and other tight reservoirs. 

Carbon Management

We have an active profile in funding and implementing research in carbon sequestration and underground storage, including new research into aspects of carbon exchange within the biosphere, utilising our expertise in geospatial technologies, monitoring, and shallow-geophysics.


What makes us different?

The ultimate driving force at the core of our business model isn’t to maximise profits, it’s to improve our understanding of geological and geodynamic processes. We think this is the overall reason why we have such high repeat sales (more than 90% of our turnover comes from companies that engage us again)!

Benefits to you

  • We have highly skilled staff (around 75% with PhD, 25% MSc/MSci/MEng) who take pride in delivering the best result possible in all our projects.
  • We invest heavily in research and development to improve our innovative methods for acquisition, visualisation and analysis of geospatial data, and to make them as stream-lined and cost-effective as possible for our clients. 
  • By maintaining close ties to Durham University and other research partners, we are ideally positioned to transfer the latest developments from academic research into your commercial projects.
  • While we have close links with Durham University, GRL is an independent commercial business entity. We always aim to meet the highest possible standards set by our commercial clients. Security and confidentiality of your data is an important business issue for us.

Working closely with you

We want to develop a close relationship with you to understand the nature of the challenges you are facing, and your requirements and expectations in tackling these.

We draw on our geoscience experience from around the globe to formulate the most cost-effective strategy to meet your technical needs – although we are at the forefront of innovative applications of geospatial technologies, we spend as much time with a tape measure and compass-clinometer as we do with a $100k lidar laser-scanner.

Ultimately, we know that every project is different, and every client’s needs are unique. We’re in for the long haul: we want you to come back to us again in the future.


Field trips and training

We run a range of training courses & field excursions aimed at workers in the energy industries. With a strong focus on field examples, hands-on exercises, case studies, and integration with the sub-surface, our courses are designed to promote easy assimilation of complex concepts.

Led by internationally renowned experts, courses include both ongoing CPD training in structure and tectonics, as well as bespoke workshops for multi-disciplinary asset teams with interests in specific technical areas or geographic regions.

Current course partners include GeoLogica and RPS Energy (Nautilus), as well as university academics and private consultants.


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