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Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable.

Carbon capture, usage and storage is set to be a key element in UK efforts to become carbon neutral

October News

Oct 22, 2020

A decade ago CCUS (carbon capture, usage and storage) had a high profile, even in the mainstream media, and looked poised to be adopted as a key technology in global and national efforts to mitigate the effects of CO2-related climate change. At that time we worked as part of a large consortium (LR Senergy, British…

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Screenshot from our Virtual Field-Trip to SE Spain for Durham University

September News Update

Sep 30, 2020

There’s so much great geology to see via Google Earth! Areas of active tectonism often provide some of the best case studies for demonstrating the close relationship between landscape and geodynamics. This month we’ve helped colleagues in Earth Sciences at Durham University to run a virtual fieldtrip to the Betics in southern Spain, using Google…

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Geology map and cross-section of the Weald Basin, SE England

September News

Sep 8, 2020

Great to see the results from our GNSS and lidar monitoring of the Humbly Grove gas storage site in southern England published this month in First Break. Our ground motion monitoring, together with InSAR, provided high definition temporal and spatial constraint on any surface displacements over an 18 month period (i.e. more than one complete…

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