May News

Tectonic Stress conference field-trip flyer

Does it seem to you that people are spending less time on geological fieldwork and fieldtrips these days? With this in mind, we’re super-happy to be sponsoring the field excursion to the Wessex Basin that follows the “Tectonic Stress: from the lithosphere to the wellbore” conference at the Geological Society, London next week. There’s an…

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December News

A real-world (not virtual!) field-trip to see fractured basement, Isle of Lewis

We love field geology, and we’ll rarely miss an opportunity to take our fellow geoscientists out to see and discuss the rocks in outcrop. But there’s a time and place for everything – and December in the Outer Hebrides is not ideal. December in the Zagros isn’t either! So what better time of year to…

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November News Update

The Count’s House, Durham Lumiere 2021

When I was at school (back in the mists of time), science and arts were portrayed very differently by our teachers. Sciences were factual, objective, clinical, and procedural, while the arts were subjective, emotive, spontaneous, and creative. I studied geology for five years (‘O’ level, ‘A’ level, and a very dreary first year as an…

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November News Update

Geospatial Workflows for the GeoEnergy Transition

We’re looking forward to working with GeoLogica to deliver a two-day course titled “An Introduction to Geospatial Workflows for the GeoEnergy Transition” later this month (29-30th November). The course will include the following themes, with examples and exercises relevant for geoscientists who want to apply their experience and expertise to the energy transition: Introduction and…

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November News

heavy industry

We’re very much looking forward to next week’s conference on Legacies of Mineral Extraction and Sustainability Opportunities, organised by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3), and to be held at the home of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in Newcastle. In a joint paper presented by Jon Gluyas,…

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October News

CCUS graphic modified from

Coming soon to a saline aquifer or depleted gas field close (but not too close) to you … We’ve spent a busy summer with sister spin-out company GeoEnergy Durham working alongside WSP and Crondall, providing technical advice on Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) in support of BEIS and the UK government’s drive towards carbon…

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September News

Triassic carbonate nappes, Montenegro

Fractured carbonates … tick. Large-scale thrust nappes … tick. Fieldwork … tick. Montenegro … yes please!

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August News

Comparison of a fault in a text book and in outcrop

Text book (left) vs. reality (right). Zechstein carbonates, Co. Durham. “There’s no difference between theory and practice … in theory!”  

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July News Update

Lidar scanning inside the Beamish adit mine

Lessons learned this month: Gathering detailed outcrop data in confined underground settings can be rather challenging (but very useful)! Given the vast geothermal potential in abandoned coal mines to provide a carbon-neutral way to generate domestic and commercial heating, we’ve been keen to take a closer look at outcrop properties of coal for some time.…

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July News

industrial cluster

Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) is coming soon to the UK, and we’ve got a very busy Summer ahead. Watch this space!

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