November News

Stacked GIS overlays, NE Iraq

We’ve just completed our latest multi-client fracture study, a major upgrade to our “Regional Appraisal of Fractured Reservoirs in Kurdistan & NE Iraq”. This comprehensive product will help you to identify and evaluate potential fractured reservoirs of the northern Zagros, and to help ‘high-grade’ suitable target acreage during early exploration.

Based on invaluable feedback from our clients on what they’d most like to see added, we’ve expanded the vector-based GIS layers to include spatial variation in fracture quality, seal risk, structural complexity, and hydrocarbon occurrence across the region.

This latest study is part of our Zagros product suite that includes detailed GIS-based stratigraphic-structural mapping & balanced cross-sections, and quantitative fracture analyses of Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic reservoir units. See here for more details!