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Durham Bishops Richard De Bury & Thomas De Hatfield

August News

20th August 2017

Was geology invented in Durham? Scholarly studies of medieval manuscripts have shown that use of the term geologia first appeared around 1344 in a book by Richard de Bury, Bishop of Durham. The venerable bishop’s book, the Philobiblon, was a treatise extolling the author’s passion for books and learning, and is often regarded as the…

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Fractured Cretaceous bedding surfaces and cliff sections on the flanks and crest of the Piramagrun anticline, Kurdistan.

July News Update

28th July 2017

Following on from our successful multi-client analysis of fractured Jurassic and Triassic reservoirs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, we’ve now extended this approach to include all the main fractured Cretaceous reservoirs across the region. While Jurassic and Triassic outcrops in the Zagros are generally somewhat sparse, and typically limited to steep cliff exposures, Cretaceous…

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Signal of a large earthquake, recorded with 3-component GNSS receivers.

July News

4th July 2017

Published today in the Nature journal Scientific Reports – more scientific outcomes of our work using GNSS (i.e. satellite constellations including GPS) to monitor ground motion associated with recent large earthquakes in central Italy. The image above shows 50 seconds of time-series data from a single pair of low-cost GNSS receivers, positioned in the hangingwall and…

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One of the GRL multi-rotor drones acquiring data.

June News

27th June 2017

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs – Drones … revolutionary sci-fi technology, latest toys for geeky boys, or general harbinger of impending doom? Depending on your point of view, and which media story you happen to see, drones are variously the latest innovation promising huge, unstoppable commercial benefits, or the evil tool of choice for prison…

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May News

19th May 2017

One year on from the fateful referendum on Britain’s EU membership, exit negotiations are soon due to start in earnest. Despite all the hullaballoo and headlines however, the reality for us in GRL is that we’re closer than ever to our research colleagues across Europe (and beyond); of the 56 research institutes with whom we’ve…

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Nesjavellir geothermal power plant, Iceland

April News Update

28th April 2017

“However high we climb in the pursuit of knowledge we shall still see heights above us, and the more we extend our view, the more conscious we shall be of the immensity which lies beyond” William Armstrong (1810-1900), engineer, industrialist, inventor, owner of Cragside, the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity in…

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Analysing virtual outcrop data in 2004 (90 Fathom Fault near Newcastle, UK).

April News

14th April 2017

Happy Birthday to the AAPG too! This year’s Annual Convention & Exhibition in Houston was an up-beat celebration of the last 100 years of AAPG history. Understandably there was plenty of reflection looking back at the many changes that the industry has experienced through the previous century – but equally there was also a strong…

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March News Update

1st April 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!     Last month we celebrated 13 years of GRL’s existence. Crikey, we’re officially teenagers now!

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March News

16th March 2017

A lot of fracture work this month … firstly, we’re busy extending our multi-client studies of fractured reservoirs in the Kurdistan region beyond the Jurassic and Triassic, so that we’re now also covering all the key Cretaceous carbonate units in detail, including Shiranish, Aqra, Bekhme, Kometan, Qamchuqa, Garagu, and Chia Gara Formations. Throughout the Zagros…

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