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USGS shakemap for 14th November 2016 M7.8 Kaikoura earthquake

February News

28th February 2017

More earthquake studies – this month down under in New Zealand, following the 14th November 2016 M7.8 Kaikoura earthquake. As with our other recent earthquake studies, we’re using GNSS technology (Global Navigation Satellite System, including GPS) to record aftershocks along active faults, combined with UAV drone data and terrestrial lidar laser-scanning to analyse the surface ruptures…

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Amatrice town destroyed by the earthquake

January News

26th January 2017

Most of our recent research outputs, both at AGU last month and TSG this month, have focused on analysis of data from the large earthquake sequence in central Italy, in collaboration with academic colleagues across Europe. Just a few days after TSG, central Italy was once again rocked by M5.6 – M5.7 events, this time…

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Mid Eocene Damman Fm onlapping on Palaeocene-Eocene Rus Fm, Jebel Hafeet, UAE

December News

16th December 2016

EAGE have a strong legacy of organising first-rate conferences and workshops on Middle East geology, and the “Sixth Arabian Plate Geology Workshop: Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary (Arabian Plate Sequences 9 & 10)” was no exception. We presented our latest work on Tectonic Controls on Late Cretaceous to Eocene Zagros Deposition in Iran, Iraq &…

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example data from the 30/10/16 Mw 6.6 Vettore earthquake

November News Update

29th November 2016

An update on our work to monitor seismicity in central Italy (see September News 2016)… This year we’ve developed a ruggedized GPS (i.e. GNSS) unit to provide continuous, high resolution monitoring of ground movement in relation to underground gas storage, cavern and mine flooding, or hydraulic fracturing. We currently have units deployed on operative gas…

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Alt.: fractures in Zechstein core

November News

14th November 2016

This month we’re busy presenting a diverse sample of our work in fracture network characterisation and unconventionals at PETEX (UK’s largest subsurface-focussed E&P conference and exhibition). This includes some key results from our large multi-disciplinary analysis of Zechstein reservoir properties, based on outcrop, core and production data. Main image (above): Fantastic fractures, vugs and stylolites…

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Virtual outcrops from lidar and PG

October News

22nd October 2016

For us, one positive consequence of the current industry downturn is that we’ve been able to spend more time writing-up the results from a whole range of projects that we’ve not had time to publish over the last 10 or 12 years! So now we’re busy dusting-off a variety of different datasets, and working on…

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GoogleEarth view of the emergent Monte Vettore fault

September News

5th September 2016

We’re currently involved in the scientific rapid-response to the August 24th central Italy earthquake. We’re carrying out a campaign of fieldwork with university researchers from Durham, Leeds, Sheffield, Birkbeck, and UCL, in close collaboration with Italian colleagues. This involves structural mapping of the coseismic expression of the surface rupture, alongside investigation of ongoing postseismic deformation in…

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Satellite image of the Western Approaches. Image courtesy of ESA (acquired by Envisat’s Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer, 28 March 2012)

August News

25th August 2016

Work is progressing well in the “New Appraisal of the Western Approaches Basins” project, which is financed by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and facilitated by the Oil and Gas Authority as part of the government’s initiatives to increase activity on the UKCS. We’re part of a multi-faceted consortium led by…

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Asmari Anticline, Zagros, SW Iran: GRL's Zagros Regional Mapping draped over Landsat 7 imagery (screenshot from ArcGIS).

Summer News

2nd August 2016

We’ve released the latest phase of our Zagros Regional Mapping! It’s great to be able to see the end result of many hundreds of days work, combining outcrop geology satellite imagery and very extensive published data. This is the fourth iteration of our Zagros mapping since 2008, and by far the most detailed and comprehensive.…

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